It is the place of the imaginary

Of  recovered childhood

Or forever

Adults have made extraordinary objects

With objects for reprocessing


This place was designed and carried out by Alain BOURBONNAIS

Chief architect of the B.C.P.N., in the old barns

Of his country house on Dicy

Zone de Texte:  To collect there and shelter its collection


He liked all things which were unusual, nonconformist

But authentic, genuine

There creators do not came from schools of art

But rather from fields, factories, finally from the people

They are postmen, builder, farmers, minors


All of them handymen

Handling dreams…

They have their heads up among the stars

Some dream full of heart

They overwhelm us, enchant us, fascinate us…


The jewel of this collection, is


That goes round in the heart of the park.

With tins, wires, as African children,

Little Pierre, by as he was looking after

Was making cows, cyclists, planes, carts, threshing machines and he dreamed

And he always kept us dreaming

Simply telling us about everyday life on the farm.

Zone de Texte:

Imagination, creativity are among us.

They’re everyone’s.


The man needs to dream,

The man needs to make,

It is a necessity to be greedy of life…